Jimmy Choo, Oga, Burberry, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, LightTec, BCBG, ColeHan, Izod, RayBan, Silhouette, Jaguar, Tommy Hilfiger, Kate Spade, Fossils, etc

  We also carry Titanium and Memory Metal frames (Flexy) that provides great duration and light weight.

With our advanced technology in-house finishing lab, we are able to provide 1 Hour Lab  service (SV) to our patients with our Stock Lens at no additional cost.

Selecting a good pair of eyeglasses that provide a good FUNCTION and great FASHION sense can be challenge without the help and guidance from someone who has the knowledge in the field. Here at Visio Eyecare, our staff is well trained to assist you to select a pair of eye glasses that enhance your features and fits your fashion sense. We also recommend the type of lens and treatment that fits your visual needs. You can find variety of Designer frames at Visio Eyecare.

Our doctor fits all types of contact lenses, including Keratoconus specialty lens/ Hard lens/ Color/ Soft disposable contact lens (for Single Vision, Astigmatism, Mono-vision and Bifocal).
If you are unable to wear your contact lenses because of  its comfort level, you may need a new fit with a different brand of contacts or a treatment of your dry eyes. During your contact lens eye exam, our optometrist will evaluate your tear film and the sufficient oxygen flow to your eyes and then
selecting the proper contact lenses based on your individual visual needs.

  Visio Eyecare provides our patients trials of contact lens to go home and follow up visits within 90 days from the initial fitting date until finalizing prescription with the proper fit (comfort and vision).

      We frequently have REBATES  from the manufacture for our patient’s contact lenses purchase.